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  • Thank you for taking the time to find the UW-Whitewater Career & Leadership Development Volunteer Opportunity Clearinghouse. We have transitioned to a different process for reporting and looking for service opportunities. Please visit our website to find information on our new process.
  • To the businesses and agencies that have and continue to submit volunteer opportunities for UW-Whitewater students, thank you again for providing service opportunities for our students. We hope this new process will be more beneficial not only for students, but for you as well. Visit our website to see how to reach our students with service opportunities:
  • For more information or assistance, contact Career & Leadership Development at 262-472-1471 or the Student Involvement Office at 262-472-6217 or Thank you!
1577 Kooky Cooky House Volunteer
Discovery World Volunteer Category: Community Programs
Help to distribute cookies, & assist with crowd control for Santa, at Discovery World's Kooky Cooky House! Be a part of Discovery World's magical re-creation of Capitol Court Mall's 1960's cookie factory this holiday season! To download the required Waiver & Background form, and to register, visit:
1576 Special Event Volunteer
Discovery World Volunteer Category: Community Programs
Family Winter Weekend, Dec. 19th & 20th, is all about holiday and winter fun, and will feature family activities from dog sled & train rides, to creating Snowflake Pop-Ups. Help to greet guests, and run event activities. For a complete listing of upcoming Special Event volunteer opportunities, like Family Winter Weekend, and to register to volunteer at upcoming events, please visit: . Please download and complete the required Waiver & Background form, available at the previous link.
1575 Variety of Roles
Agrace Hospice and Palliative Care Volunteer Category: Animals
Do you want to make a meaningful difference in someone's life? Have you ever thought about becoming a hospice volunteer? At Agrace Hospice and Palliative Care there are many ways to give back to your community.
1572 Volunteer
Play and Read Volunteer Category: Education--youth
The focus of this service project is improving communities by building on children’s early literacy skills to position them for academic and social success. Members will have play groups for three- and four-year-old children. Playgroups will include shared reading, shared writing, and intentional vocabulary development. Visit for more information and the link to the online application. Opportunities in Beloit, Janesville, Kenosha, La Crosse, Richland Center, Watertown, and Whitewater.
1571 LEEPS Volunteer
Aging Disabilities Resource Center of Rock County Volunteer Category: Elderly
LEEPS will match people with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias to a volunteer from the community who will exercise with them in their home and accompany them on outings in the community. This is a great volunteer opportunity for anyone, but especially those interested in the areas of geriatrics, social work, or medicine/nursing. Volunteers should have approximately 1 ½ hours to 2 hours a week to dedicate to spending time with the program participant. We are looking for volunteers to work ongoing through spring of 2016.
1570 Sorters and Food Pantry Volunteers
Edgerton Community Outreach Volunteer Category: Community Programs
Sorter Volunteers are asked to sort through donations, clean and price them. These donations are sold in the thrift store to generate funds for programs. Food Pantry Volunteers are asked to assist clients in picking out food in the food pantry and restocking.
1569 Special Event Volunteer
Old World Wisconsin-Wisconsin Historical Society Volunteer Category: Arts
Volunteers needed! Men and women, ages 16 and up for an outdoor theatrical production of "Halloween Legends and Lore," at Old World Wisconsin. Help us explore the traditions of European and Wisconsin folklore in the unique setting of Old World Wisconsin’s 19th century crossroads village. Guests will discover fantastic mazes, solve strange riddles and puzzles, create and decorate macabre artifacts, and encounter cackling witches, gloomy grave diggers, strange beasts, eerie fortune tellers and bizarre entities. They’ll also learn the terrifying origins of the Ridgeway Ghost, and witness ghostly tales come to life, while enjoying tasty and disturbing treats and drinks. The evening culminates with a wild bonfire finale. If you love Halloween and love to perform, we have the perfect way for you to share your enthusiasm and energy. We’re looking for volunteers to help with storytelling, inhabit our mazes, help with simple performances, and add color, mystery, whimsy, and frights to our event. Or, perhaps you have artistic skills you’d like to share and you’d prefer to work behind the scenes, creating decorations or constructing spooky mazes, costuming performers, or applying makeup. Or maybe you’d like to help man the craft tents and show kids how to make fun and simple Halloween crafts inspired by 19th century traditions, or help at the food stand, or greet guests as they arrive at the museum, or provide orientation (and riddle clues!) as guests explore the event. Commitments vary with the position you’d like to take on. No matter where your interest lies, if you would like to be involved in this fantastic show, please contact Old World Wisconsin’s Guest Services Coordinator, Bricelyn Stermer at 262-594-6382 or at Volunteers who wish to take a costumed performing role either as a maze haunt or another light performance role will need to attend a meeting on Sunday, Sept 13 between 4:00 and 5:30 p.m. at Old World Wisconsin in the upper level of the Clausing Barn, W372 S9727 Highway 67 Eagle, Wis. The event runs on three consecutive Saturdays, Oct. 17th, 24th and 31st from 5:30 to 9:00 p.m. (262) 594-6303 or for more information.
1553 Friend of the Market
Downtown Whitewater Volunteer Category: Community Programs
Whitewater has a new French market on Cravath Lakefront on Tuesdays. We've grown quickly to have 48 vendors, welcome over 1,000 market-goers, and donate more than 200 pounds of fresh produce to the Whitewater Food Pantry every week. We've lost some key summer help as they've headed back to school and could really use some volunteers to help us finish the season. Lots of different jobs, morning, midday, afternoon, and evening slots, most are flexible. Please message us or contact if you are interested, and we'll send you info!
1551 Family Literacy Project Volunteer
Jefferson County Literacy Council Volunteer Category: Community Programs
JCLC seeks volunteers to work with our Instructional Coordinator during Family Literacy events throughout the year. Types of events include school and community fairs and family literacy nights. Typical duties include handing books and information out to families and engaging participants in literacy games. A 5-10 hour commitment is required for this volunteer position. Desired volunteers have excellent communication skills and relate well to children and families.
1550 Marketing and Public Relations Assistant
Jefferson County Literacy Council Volunteer Category: Marketing & Public Relations
JCLC seeks volunteers to work with our staff to create meaningful and eye-catching marketing materials including but not limited to event posters, infographics, signs and brochures for use on public bulletin boards, facebook and our website. Marketing and Public Relations assistants should be willing to make a 5-10 hour commitment per project to JCLC. Desired volunteers for this position should have some experience or interest in graphic design, desktop publishing and social media.
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