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Don't Cheat at Chapter 14


Are you a faculty or staff member who currently instructs any graded course offered by UWW? If yes, it is important for you to know how to navigate the UWS Chapter 14 academic misconduct process efficiently. Attend this Learn Center if you’d like to brush up on your academic misconduct investigation skills, receive up-to-date process checklists and letter templates, or want to ask specific questions about the academic misconduct process.


What are attendees likely to learn/gain from attending your presentation (take aways)?

(1) Attendees will learn how to use the UWS Chapter 14 academic misconduct process to efficiently and accurately adjudicate accusations of cheating, plagiarism, unauthorized collaboration, falsification of information or data, and other types of academic misconduct.

(2) Attendees will learn how to approach and communicate with a student when they suspect a student has engaged in academic misconduct. Additionally, attendees will learn how to ask specific questions to determine if academic misconduct took place, and what types of notes they’ll need to take to move forward.


(3) Attendees will learn how to appropriately document an accusation of misconduct, and how to write the accompanying letters that are delivered to the student and kept on file with the University. Attendees will receive letter template(s), flow charts, and an outline of how to complete an academic misconduct investigation start-to-finish that will ensure the due-process rights of the student are met.


Course Offerings

Event Date/Time Signup Deadline Location Seats  
Wednesday, November 14, 2018 12:00 PM Friday, November 09, 2018 TBD 0 of 35 seats full

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